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What started as a favor for a neighbor has turned into a “Boutique” Property Management Company focusing on seasonal rentals in Ketchum, Idaho.  It has been a blast meeting new people and making them happy with the services we provide as a family owned and operated outfit in our sleepy little town.  Since it is much more populated now than it was when I moved here 40+ years ago,  there is more availability for folks to come experience this desired area year-round.  We are very blessed to live and work in such a beautiful place!

Michael’s Vacation Rentals has a number of resort rentals located in the Ketchum / Sun Valley and Hailey area. As owners of some fabulous rental properties, we are sharing information about our vacation units online.  We have the best locations in the valley and are strategically positioned within walking distance of the River Run lodge, downtown Ketchum and in Elkhorn, Sun Valley.

We have partnered with Streamline that streamlines our booking, RueBaRue that gives our guests the know-how to live it up during their stay in this valley, a local contractor that handles the housekeeping services and of course, VRBO and Airbnb to get our homeowners as much attention as possible from guests to book their homes.  Thanks to these resources, we can give personal attention to not only the guests, but our homeowners as well.  It frees up our time to take a moment to send greetings, clear up any concerns or questions, and follow-up with vendors ensuring tasks are being completed in an efficient manner with a high standard of completion.

We strive to continue offering this personal attention with competitive rates, quick response times, and thorough cleaning and maintenance of all the homes in the Michael’s Vacation Rentals family.  While Mike is technically retired, he is finding this is more fun than any job could possibly be and can’t wait to see what each new year brings.

For information on bringing your home into our family, please call (208) 900-6292 or email Mike at


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